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What is the difference between soundproofing and sound absorption?2019-11-05T15:08:03+08:00

Soundproofing refers specifically on how the materials effectively block or stop the sound waves from traveling from one place to another. Whereas sound absorption refers to echo and noise is reduce, therefore it prevents and minimizes the sound from bouncing from within the area.

How effective is ACOUSTEC Pro in dB reduction?2019-11-05T15:09:05+08:00

Based on lab test in a controlled environment,  the material of 10mm thickness can reduce 16 dB.

In which area of the car can the material be installed?2019-11-05T15:09:39+08:00

Generally interior only; doors, floor board, roof (without sunroof), trunk, fender and wheel arches.

Will the material increase the overall weight of the car after installation?2019-11-05T15:10:16+08:00

Yes it will increase slightly. Weight is one of the key characteristics required to reduce noise and vibration.

Can we install ACOUSTEC Pro in certain areas of the car only?2019-11-05T15:10:47+08:00

Yes, please contact us to get a free quote and advise.

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